The CompSOC Team

The CoMPSoC platform would not have been possible without the contributions of many people. Below is a list of the currently active project members.
















A team meeting in mid 2014.

Eindhoven University of Technology, Electronic Systems group

  • Prof. Kees Goossens (team leader)
  • Gabriela Breaban
  • Marc Geilen
  • Manil Dev Gomony
  • Sven Goossens
  • Reinier van Kampenhout
  • Martijn Koedam
  • Yonghui Li
  • Andrew Nelson
  • Shubhendu Sinha
  • Rasool Tavakoli
  • Sander Stuijk
  • Juan Valencia

Prague university

  • Benny Akesson

We are always looking for good new team members (PhD candidates, MSc thesis projects, etc.).
Fill out this registration form and contact Kees Goossens (TU Eindhoven) for more information.

a photo, duh

A team meeting in May 2012.



the team

A team meeting in May 2012.